An alternate helmet is a piece of gear that provides both cosmetic changes and a small trade in two stats - for example, a decrease in health for an increase in shields. So far, every non-Prime Warframe has one alternative helmet; Prime Warframes use the same alternative helmets as their normal counterparts.


Helmets can be bought for File:Platinumicon.png 75 in the 'Equipment' section of the Market. Additionally, their blueprints can be found randomly from alert missions with "?" rewards.


Alternate helmets can be equipped by clicking "Arsenal", then "Customize Colors" under the Warframe selector. The helmet will be listed under "Select Skin." They can be unequipped by reapplying the default skin.

List of alternate helmetsEdit

Most stat decreases take place after the effects of mods and artifacts have been calculated; however, increases are calculated independently from alternate helmets. As such, stat increases are always directly dependent on base amounts, and are always the same amount regardless of mods or artifacts.

For example, Frost's Aurora helmet reduces maximum health by 5%. Without any Vitality, a rank 30 Frost's health becomes (300 - [300 * 0.05] = 285). With a maximum rank Vitality(+440% health), their base health becomes (300 + [100 * 4.4] = 740), and their total health after Aurora's effect becomes (740 - [740 * 0.04] = 703). However, because stat increases are independent, it will always provide exactly 50 armor whether or not the Frost has Steel Fiber equipped.

Alternate helmets and their stats
Warframe Stat increase Stat decrease
Ash (Scorpion) +25% Stamina -5% Power Efficiency
Banshee (Reverb) +15 Energy -5% Max Health
Ember (Phoenix) +37 Energy -5% Max Shields
Excalibur (Avalon) +25 Shield -5% Max Health
Frost (Aurora) +50 Armor -5% Max Health
Loki (Essence) +15% Power Efficiency -x% Armor
Mag (Coil) +30% Power Range -5% Max Shields
Nyx (Menticide) +25% Stamina -5% Max Shields
Rhino (Thrak) +25 Health -7% Sprint Speed
Saryn (Hemlock) +15% Speed -5% Health
Trinity (Aura) +15% Power Duration -5% Health
Vauban (Esprit) +10% Max Power -10% Shields
Volt (Storm) +x% Power Strength -x% Stamina

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