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The Corrupted are the enemies found in Orokin Void levels. The units are actually Corpus, Grineer, and even Infested units that have been implanted with a form of control device that allows the "Neural Sentry" of the Orokin Towers to manipulate them. Most Corrupted units appear drained of color and almost have a metallic appearance to them. All of the Corrupted have an Orokin control device on them, located on their heads, that is golden in color and appears similar to other Orokin designs, like Frost Prime's helmet. The tower also seems to provide some of these units with Orokin weapons to aid in the defense of the tower. The tower is not without its own defense though, the tower utilizes flying sentries similar to Shield Osprey that provide shields to the Corrupted. It also has defensible turrets cleverly hidden from view behind walls and an array of deadly traps.

The Corrupted also have unique taunts and sounds, from evil laughter to electronically dampened moans (such as Ancients moans but softer) however any language present in their non-corrupted versions have been stripped away.

Corrupted EnemiesEdit

Although there are various kinds of units, all enemies within the Orokin Void are named Corrupted.

Corrupted LancerEdit

File:Corrputed Lancer.jpg
Essentially an Orokin-controlled Grineer Lancer. Although they resemble light units, they have about the same armor and health as medium units. Just like Lancers, they use a rifle and can throw grenades. The only difference is that their rifles are more akin to the standard Corpus Crewman Dera rifle instead of the Grineer Grakata that normal Lancers use.

Corrupted HeavyEdit

File:Orokin Heavy.jpg
An Orokin-controlled Grineer Heavy Gunner. They have exactly the same traits and abilities as normal Heavy Gunners, such as being shielded, using a Gorgon and being able to use Radial Blast.

Corrupted CrewmanEdit

File:Orokin Crewman.jpg
An Orokin-controlled Corpus Crewman. Again, they have exactly the same traits as standard Crewmen. They use a Strun shotgun that fires a single (or very highly clustered) shot towards you, with a small amount of travel time as you can see it coming

Orokin OspreyEdit

File:Orokin Osprey.jpg
An Orokin drone that acts similar to a Shield Osprey. While they also project shields over nearby Corrupted allies, they are a slight upgrade to the standard Shield Osprey in that their shield recharge rate is faster and they are harder to hit due to a smaller size and more erratic movement.

Fusion MOAEdit

Although renamed as Corrupted like the other corrupted units, they are exactly the same as Fusion MOAs found in standard levels, both in terms of abilities and appearance.

Orokin AncientEdit

File:Orokin Ancient.jpg
An Orokin-controlled Infested Ancient Healer. They act exactly the same as normal Ancient Healers, regularly healing all other Corrupted units nearby. And as regular Ancient Healers, they can be mind controlled by Nyx to heal you and your teamates, giving you 100 health per pulse. 

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