Frost Prime
Base Statistics
Health 100.0 (300.0 at rank 30)
Power 100.0 (150.0 at rank 30)
Armor 150.0
Shield Capacity 150.0 (450.0 at rank 30)
Shield Recharge 22.5
Sprint Speed 0.8
Polarities 4x 17px
1x 19px
2x 17px

Frost Prime has the same chilling abilities as Frost but its altered mod polarties offer different possibilities for customization. It is also rumored that this Warframe has a unique reaction to certain Orokin technology.

–In-game description

Frost Prime is a heavily armored Warframe able to utilise offensive and defensive skills to both his own and his team's advantage. He specializes in freezing skills that impede enemy movement or even outright kill multiple opponents.


Frost Prime Warframe Blueprints were distributed to anyone that participated in the Fusion MOA Army Extermination Operation, on the condition of at least one Fusion Moa kill, which lasted from 3 May 2013 through to 5 May 2013. Frost Prime Helmet, Chassis, and System blueprints are currently obtainable on Level 2/3 Orokin locations that require a key to enter. They require the same parts that a normal warframe uses. The Frost Prime blueprint itself may also be acquired from Tier 3 Void missions.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Frost Prime Helmet 1
Frost Prime Chassis 1
Frost Prime Systems 1
Orokin Cell 1
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 25,000
Build Time 3 days
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 50


  • Frost Prime is the second Prime version of a Warframe and the first to be craftable.
  • The Blueprint for Frost Prime was given out by an extermination event that completed on May 5, 2013.
  • The parts for this Warframe can be found in hidden Orokin Locations.
  • Frost Prime does not come with a pre-installed Orokin Reactor or warframe slot.
  • Frost Prime has a secret interaction with Box Traps. Upon approaching one, it will replenish your energy in full. This can only be done once per Box Trap. This is true for all Prime Warframes.

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