Loki Chassis
Type Crafted
Blueprint From Hyena
(Psamathe, Neptune)

Loki Chassis is used in the construction of a Loki class Warframe. The components can now drop in Psamathe (Neptune) as loot after killing the Hyena.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
Ferrite 1000
Morphics 1
Rubedo 300
Credits 15,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 25
Crafted Components
Warframe Helmet AshBansheeEmberExcaliburFrostLokiMagNyxRhinoSarynTrinityVaubanVolt
Chassis AshBansheeEmberExcaliburFrostLokiMagNyxRhinoSarynTrinityVaubanVolt
Systems AshBansheeEmberExcaliburFrostLokiMagNyxRhinoSarynTrinityVaubanVolt

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