Type Rare
Locations Mercury
An amorphous solid. Possibly Orokin technology.

–In-Game Description

Morphics are a rare component that can be found on Mercury, Mars, Europa and Pluto. It is usually found in quantities of 1. Morphics are most often found by defeating Captain Vor, Sgt. Nef Anyo and Ambulas rather than normal enemies.

Drops at a rate close to (if not equal to) uncommon materials on Mars. It us suggested to do the mars defence mission, Olympus, to obtain morphics due to the high amounts of enemies.

Recent foundry additions require high ammounts of Morphics, some requiring 10 for each build, increasing the value of Morphics and giving users a bigger incentive to farm bosses.

Blueprints Requiring MorphicsEdit

Blueprint Type Quantity
Forma Enhancement 1
Orokin Catalyst Enhancement 1
Orokin Reactor Enhancement 1
Clan Key Key 1
Cronus Melee 1
Dual Ether Melee 2
Dual Heat Swords Melee 2
Dual Skana Melee 2
Dual Zoren Melee 4
Ether Daggers Melee 5
Ether Sword Melee 1
Fang Melee 1
Glaive Melee 10
Hate Melee 10
Jaw Sword Melee 1
Kestrel Melee 8
Orthos Melee 2
Skana Melee 1
Viper Pistol 1
Despair Thrown 10
Kunai Thrown 5
Burston Rifle 1
Gorgon Rifle 5
Latron Rifle 2
Vulkar Rifle 1
Boar Shotgun 2
Dread Bow 5
Paris Bow 1
Ash Chassis Component 1
Banshee Chassis Component 1
Ember Chassis Component 1
Excalibur Chassis Component 1
Frost Chassis Component 1
Loki Chassis Component 1
Mag Chassis Component 1
Nyx Chassis Component 1
Rhino Chassis Component 1
Trinity Chassis Component 1
Volt Chassis Component 1
Ash Systems Component 1
Ember Systems Component 1
Excalibur Systems Component 1
Frost Systems Component 1
Loki Systems Component 1
Mag Systems Component 1
Nyx Systems Component 1
Rhino Systems Component 1
Trinity Systems Component 1
Volt Systems Component 1
Dagger Axe (Scindo) Skin 1
Dagger Axe (Zoren) Skin 1


  • Even though labeled as rare, Morphics drop rate is rather high. It is the easiest rare component to obtain.
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