Mastery Level 3
Type  ?
Damage Type Electric
Base Damage 35
Base Firing Rate 1.0
Accuracy 100.0
Base Charge Damage 150
Base Charge Speed ~1.0s
Base Critical Chance 5.0%
Base Critical Damage 150%
Base Stagger Chance  ?
Polarities None
The Prova is a melee weapon that delivers a high-intensity shock to its target.

–In-Game Description

The Prova is a Corpus melee weapon unlockable through Energy Lab Research in the dojo. Though similar to the "shock prods" that the Prod Crewmen use, it is slightly larger and more solidly built.



  • High charge damage - the joint highest of any non-heavy melee weapon.
  • High damage on a regular attack - again, the joint highest of any non-heavy melee weapon.
  • Strong against Corpus - deals electrical damage.
  • Normal attack stuns light Grineer, Charged attack stuns medium Grineer.
  • Jump/slam attack deals electrical damage; ideal for stunning groups of Corpus personnel.


  • Prova deals electrical damage. As such, it does no damage to infested ancients and reduced damage to units resistant to electric damage.
  • Hard to acquire - Dojo Research
  • Requires a Forma to craft.
  • Jump/slam attack has a fairly small radius.


Research Requirements
Resources Quantity
Fieldron Sample 500
Rubedo 10,000
Polymer Bundle 20,000
Nano Spores 50,000
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 300,000
Research Time 3 days
Manufacturing Requirements
Resources Quantity
Fieldron 1
Alloy Plate 300
Salvage 1,000
Forma 1
Credits File:Creditsicon.png 20,000
Build Time 24 hours
Rush Build File:Platinumicon.png 35

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Prova Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.





File:Warframe 2013-06-02 17-39-07-91.jpg
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