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Rollers resemble larger-sized Latchers. Unlike their smaller counterpart, Rollers will jump at players with hidden blades extended and continue until they are destroyed. Each hit will stun a player, making them dangerously obnoxious, especially when they gang up on someone confronted by other Grineer. While not very sturdy, Rollers' speed and size make them difficult targets.


  • Rollers were first introduced in update 6.
  • ​They were originally smaller and named Grinders when first released.
  • The Grineer Roller is one of the few enemy types to have proper capitalization in its name ingame, rather than the usual all capitals.
  • They seem to be an inspiration from the movie "Screamers" released in the 90's. Their "scream" sound suggests this as well as the blade they deploy before hitting the players. "Screamers" was inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel "Second Variety". 


  • Care should be taken to destroy these on Grineer defense missions. While you focus on the Grineer, the Rollers might change targets to the generator at which point they will seem to "stick" to it, not rolling or moving but rapidly depleting its health and shields making it much easier for other Grineer to damage it. In such a situation, they may be extremely difficult to hit with a ranged weapon. Using a melee weapon's AoE jump attack or a damaging AoE ability like Saryn's Miasma and Ember's Fire Blast can solve this.

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